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Why Choose Us?

Lamont Wealth Strategies evolved from the firm Elder, Donaldson & Crofts in 1997. In over 60 years of providing exceptional service and advice the organization has always been committed to helping it's clients achieve their financial and life planning goals.

We have evolved from a pure insurance firm to one of estate planning and wealth management, providing our clients with creative capital accumulation and preservation concepts, strategies and products.


Compassion is understanding the story people want to tell
and helping them confidently implement the right strategy to help them achieve all they want to.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process that determines how you can best meet your life goals through the proper management of your financial affairs.

Personal & Corporate
Investment Management

Professional asset management of your securities and other assests to your specified investment goals.


Minimization Strategies

We will provide investment alternatives and strategies to minimize your tax bill and liabilities.


Estate planning involves the transfer of someone's assets (e.g. property, money) when they die, as well as a variety of other personal matters. Wills, estates, trusts and power of attorney are all common tools used in estate planning.

Business Succession
& Exit Strategies

We will assist you in developing a strategy to maximize personal financial security upon the transfer of your business.

Risk Management
& Wealth Protection

We will assist in the identification, analysis and mitigation of uncertainty in your investment decision-making and align them with your objectives and risk tolerance.


Build, Preserve and Transition Your Wealth Strategically


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